How do I sign up?

Download the app and sign up with your Facebook or Google account!

How can I react and respond to articles?

You can react to articles by tapping on them to open up the article page in Luxihd and then tapping the reaction face you want. You can respond by tapping "Respond" below an article. Everyone gets one reaction and one comment per article.

How can I remove my reactions/comments?

You can remove your reaction to an article by tapping the reaction face again. You can delete your comment by swiping to the left on it and tapping "Delete." Note that you cannot add another comment to the same article after deleting your first one.

How can I tag articles with hashtags?

You can tag an article with up to three hashtags by including them in a comment on it. The most popular hashtags for a given article appear below it, and the article will appear on the tag pages for those tags.

What is the Tag Cloud?

The Tag Cloud shows the hashtags that are currently popular, with the most popular ones appearing near the top in the largest font.

How can I follow hashtags?

To follow a hashtag, tap on one anywhere to navigate to the tag page showing the articles for that tag. Then, tap the star in the upper right. Tags you follow will appear in your personal Tag Cloud, which you can find by tapping the star icon on the Tags tab.

What is "lux"?

Lux is a measure of how many people have interacted with an article by reacting/responding to it.

What is "#lux"?

Tag lux appears on tag pages and is a measure of how many people have tagged an article with that hashtag.

How can I open a full article?

You can open a full article in a browser window by tapping the short link in the bottom left of any article listing or by tapping the headline on an article page within Luxihd.

How can I add articles to Luxihd?

Tap the "+" icon in the upper left corner of the app to find new articles from various sources. Tap the "Add to Luxihd" button (or "View in Luxihd" if it's already been added) on any article to react and respond to it.

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